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Renting a Motorbike while in Pattaya is the Best way to experience Thailand.

Getting around Pattaya can be challenging, but renting a motorbike or scooter is a fast, reliable, and inexpensive way to get the most out of your short or long term holiday here in Pattaya.

We rent motorbikes with manual transmissions, motorbikes with automatic transmissions, scooters with automatic transmissions, and even powerful Sports Bikes with larger engines and manual transmissions.  Please know your limits and gauge your experience before renting a bike from us. We want to you have fun but also be safe.

Road rules are basically the same as in your country, except that driving is on the left hand side. Traffic lights are the basic red, amber and green and most traffic signs are symbols that are easily identifiable.  As in any foreign country, please be extra cautious while driving here.

Helmets are supplied and must be used at all times (Thai Law) while riding the motorbike.  Additional helmets are also available on request.

Filling up the tank on a motorbike is roughly about 100-150 baht, which will give you a few days of riding and sightseeing around the beaches of Pattaya and Jomtien

If you need maps, lists of places to see, we can also supply them as we would like to make sure that you have a wonderful time while visiting Thailand. Should anything happen, simply call us and we will promptly fix any problem or if need be, come to your rescue.
Important notes:
You should come to Thailand prepared and that means that appropriate health insurance be taken out, for those "emergency" situations. We will provide a motorbike chain lock to secure the rented motorbike. You may be held financially responsible if the motorbike is stolen or damaged.
Rates: 1 day rental is 200 baht (Newer bikes) or 150 baht (Older bikes)
Weekly and Monthly Rates are available on request
(Rental Fee's need to be paid up front and a 1000 Baht refundable Security Deposit is also required.)
While in Pattaya call us directly at 08-2440-5076
Please send a message to confirm your reservation or request more information.
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